Sunday, 20 May 2012

Filofax fun day!

Happy long weekend to you fellow Canadians! For the US folks, I guess it will be next weekend! Here is a bunch of fun stuff I picked up at the local dollar store and at a discount store in the US called "Mardens". They have all sorts of great papers, clips, and books! At the top of the shot you can see my A5 Finsbury in Rasberry, ready for more "bling"! You can sort of see from the pictures that it is pretty stuffed! I'm going to do a post on it soon...

 I've got a couple of things to share-my two new Filofaxes FINALLY arrived on Friday, but this is the first chance I've had to "play" with them. The rest of the family is gone for the whole day, so I'm free to spread out all my stuff and get organized/creative! I've already done quite a lot to my two new additions, and I've been trying to post the video I made when they first arrived, but it's not working. Here is a pictures of what my morning is looking like, My A5 Finsbury is in the foreground, then my gorgeous new Adelphi is right beside it. Under that is the big blue envlope that holds all my Filofax inserts and "stuff" when I'm not using it...the new Domino is open beside the computer.

...I can tell you that I just made some GORGEOUS dividers for my personal Adelphi-it looks so incredible! In the picture above, you can see it with some coloured dividers I get from another company's organiser (that cheap looking one beside the big pink pencil case) and though I liked them, I just had to make my own. I have had such great luck with the technique Ray Blake showed on his blog. I have found beautiful dividers AND file folders that I have used, and cut to size-they have turned out SO well! I love using these because they are already quite tough and durable- they are treated with a sort of laminate coating, which makes them look so professional! Then, I got a label maker and...well, here are the pictures, judge for yourself! 


These designs are all from file-folders from the US Walmart! I just love the artistic quality they have!

I think they suit the smart/elegant look of the Adelphi perfectly!

Do any of the rest of you just sit and leaf lovingly throught your Filofaxes? That's what I'm going to go and to now...

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  1. I love how bright the dividers are, they suit the adelphi perfectly!! :)