Sunday, 20 May 2012

Filofax fun day!

Happy long weekend to you fellow Canadians! For the US folks, I guess it will be next weekend! Here is a bunch of fun stuff I picked up at the local dollar store and at a discount store in the US called "Mardens". They have all sorts of great papers, clips, and books! At the top of the shot you can see my A5 Finsbury in Rasberry, ready for more "bling"! You can sort of see from the pictures that it is pretty stuffed! I'm going to do a post on it soon...

 I've got a couple of things to share-my two new Filofaxes FINALLY arrived on Friday, but this is the first chance I've had to "play" with them. The rest of the family is gone for the whole day, so I'm free to spread out all my stuff and get organized/creative! I've already done quite a lot to my two new additions, and I've been trying to post the video I made when they first arrived, but it's not working. Here is a pictures of what my morning is looking like, My A5 Finsbury is in the foreground, then my gorgeous new Adelphi is right beside it. Under that is the big blue envlope that holds all my Filofax inserts and "stuff" when I'm not using it...the new Domino is open beside the computer.

...I can tell you that I just made some GORGEOUS dividers for my personal Adelphi-it looks so incredible! In the picture above, you can see it with some coloured dividers I get from another company's organiser (that cheap looking one beside the big pink pencil case) and though I liked them, I just had to make my own. I have had such great luck with the technique Ray Blake showed on his blog. I have found beautiful dividers AND file folders that I have used, and cut to size-they have turned out SO well! I love using these because they are already quite tough and durable- they are treated with a sort of laminate coating, which makes them look so professional! Then, I got a label maker and...well, here are the pictures, judge for yourself! 


These designs are all from file-folders from the US Walmart! I just love the artistic quality they have!

I think they suit the smart/elegant look of the Adelphi perfectly!

Do any of the rest of you just sit and leaf lovingly throught your Filofaxes? That's what I'm going to go and to now...

Friday, 18 May 2012

My far!

Hi there! I'm still looking into getting my blog out there for all you Filofax nuts to see, but for now I'm just going to keep blogging along! I thought everyone might like to see my entire Filofax collection, since I love looking at everyone elses! Like many of you, I honestly didn't realise how many of them I had until I gathered them all together. The truth is both daunting...and somehow exhilarating! And as you know if you read my previous blog, I have two more on the way! I just realised it sounds like I'm talking about children...

Here is a list of all my Filofaxes as of today, these are the descriptions from left to right in the picture below

Raspberry A5 Finsbury
Black Personal College
Slimline Amazona
Black Pocket Identity
Black Pocket Finsbury
Black Pocket Amazona
Black Pocket Piazza
Pocket Fresco

As you can see, I have an affection for the pocket size-I find it is such a nice size for my purse, and it just has the cutest shape. It feels nice in the hand...

Anyway, I think I have come up with a use for my new Personal Adelphi, which should be here in the next couple of days. Right now I use my Slimline Amazona for day-to-day, but I might make a switch, use the Adelphi for my daily, in-my-purse organiser and use the Slimline for...wait for at-home phone/address book! I know this might sound horribly old-fashioned to some of you, and if it does, get ready for an even bigger shock...I don't have a cell phone! Nor do I want one! So, the elegant, slim Amazona might be just the thing! I'll provide more details, and pictures, when they become available!

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Dying to get going!

Hi all! I've taken some great pictures of my Filofaxes, and am eager to start blogging with photos and videos, but I've got to track down the cord for my camera. Once I do, thre will be no stopping me! What I can do for now is list all the types of Filos I have. My total is 8 right now (I think!) I have 5 Pocket sizes, one Slimline, one Personal, and one A5. I am expecting another Personal and another A5 any day now. I will reveal the exact types of all my Filos later-hopefully with pictures. I don't have all of them with me right now, and I'm not exactly sure what type they are!

My most recent purchase was a Finsbury A5 in Rasberry; I usually choose black, as you will soon see, but I use this A5 to keep track of all things related to my horse (whose name is Molly) and we have a pink/burgandy theme going on. I have spent lots of time decking it out in "horsey" things, and have been VERY inspired by many of the other Filofax-crazy bloggers out there, and can't wait to show what I've been doing! I might have to start with just pictures, as the whole video thing is very new to me (as is blogging!) but I'll try to take lots and have lots of description!

The two I am waiting for are an A5 Domino that I will be mostly using for work, and a Personal size Adelphi. I really don't know what I'll use the Adelphi for, maybe a food/exercise journal. It was on sale at Pens and Leather, and I just had to have it! I have seen them in person in the pocket size and they are SOOO gorgeous, all glossy, classy quilted leather, like an affordable version of a Chanel purse!

I had never had any interest in the Domino, because I didn't like the white/beige elastic, and thought it might be awkward to use. But then I read some great posts by Jess on Philofaxy, and she had some really informative details about how perfect the Domino is for work (light, big rings, etc.) All you have to do is go to Philofaxy (I'm hoping to put up links to all these things soon) and type A5 Domino in the "Search" box and all sorts of great things will come up. THEN I watched an awesome youtube video by katebtps where she showed all sorts of personalizations she did, including COLORING THE ELASTIC WITH A SHARPIE! You KNOW I am going to be doing that! So.... stay tuned! I'll post pictures when they arrive!