Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Dying to get going!

Hi all! I've taken some great pictures of my Filofaxes, and am eager to start blogging with photos and videos, but I've got to track down the cord for my camera. Once I do, thre will be no stopping me! What I can do for now is list all the types of Filos I have. My total is 8 right now (I think!) I have 5 Pocket sizes, one Slimline, one Personal, and one A5. I am expecting another Personal and another A5 any day now. I will reveal the exact types of all my Filos later-hopefully with pictures. I don't have all of them with me right now, and I'm not exactly sure what type they are!

My most recent purchase was a Finsbury A5 in Rasberry; I usually choose black, as you will soon see, but I use this A5 to keep track of all things related to my horse (whose name is Molly) and we have a pink/burgandy theme going on. I have spent lots of time decking it out in "horsey" things, and have been VERY inspired by many of the other Filofax-crazy bloggers out there, and can't wait to show what I've been doing! I might have to start with just pictures, as the whole video thing is very new to me (as is blogging!) but I'll try to take lots and have lots of description!

The two I am waiting for are an A5 Domino that I will be mostly using for work, and a Personal size Adelphi. I really don't know what I'll use the Adelphi for, maybe a food/exercise journal. It was on sale at Pens and Leather, and I just had to have it! I have seen them in person in the pocket size and they are SOOO gorgeous, all glossy, classy quilted leather, like an affordable version of a Chanel purse!

I had never had any interest in the Domino, because I didn't like the white/beige elastic, and thought it might be awkward to use. But then I read some great posts by Jess on Philofaxy, and she had some really informative details about how perfect the Domino is for work (light, big rings, etc.) All you have to do is go to Philofaxy (I'm hoping to put up links to all these things soon) and type A5 Domino in the "Search" box and all sorts of great things will come up. THEN I watched an awesome youtube video by katebtps where she showed all sorts of personalizations she did, including COLORING THE ELASTIC WITH A SHARPIE! You KNOW I am going to be doing that! So.... stay tuned! I'll post pictures when they arrive!

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