Friday, 1 June 2012

"Pimping" your Filofax

Hi all! It feels funny to keep saying "hi" when I'm not sure anyone is listening/ reading, but I'm hoping that "if I write it, they will come". Until then, it's just fun to tap away, especially about one of my favourite topics!

I have been working away on my two new Filos, my personal Adelphi and my Domino A5. Like many of you out there, I am always looking for items to add to my books to make them more efficient, interesting, and just plain fun! I've been using all sorts of neat things to personalise my new babies, and thought I would talk about how inspiration can come from the most unexpected places!

I'm really happy with how my Adelphi is working out, because before I was using the beautiful, but rather boring, Amazona Slimline. After much consideration, the Adelphi has become my everyday, take-it-everywhere Filofax, and I couldn't be happier with it.  I was reluctant to go to the  Personal, because even though they are actually quite similar in size (see picture above, from left are my Pocket Amazona, Slimline Amazona, and Personal Adelphi) the Personal seems bigger. In reality, there isn't that much difference, and I am now a Personal size convert. My Adelphi is light and sleek and beautiful, and I'm sooo glad I got it!

Here you can see the Amazona on top of the Adelphi (naughty, naughty!) they are very similar in dimensions.

From this side view you can see they aren't all that different in width, either, as far as taking up room in your bag, purse, etc.

In the quest to make my new Adephi as pretty and fun to use as possible, I found some great additions at the local discount store, called Mardens. If you have never seen one of these stores, they are crammed with the most interesting and diverse collection of stuff, and resemble a big yard sale.You literally just dig for things, and never know what you will find there. Here's what I found in the stationary section last week. 

It's the item on the left, of course, not my beautiful Adelphi, which gleams enticingly on the right hand side. I found a cheap, nasty plastic organiser- you can see the $9.99 Mardens sticker on the sad excuse for a cellphone holder/ pen loop on top. But the treasure is inside...

As you can see, there are all sorts of diary pages, specialised pages, a nice little clear ruler, and coloured tabs which all fit perfectly into the Personal sized Filofax! ! I LOVE coloured tabs and feel Filofax doesn't offer them enough.

Here you can see two different types of diary pages, which are undated-good thing, too, because this diary includes a fold-out calendar from 2006! I am now using the pages on the right hand as a food diary in one section of my Adelphi.

This is just another example of the variety of pages this book has to play around with. I LOVE the address pages. If you have ever gotten the  address sheets from Filofax with coloured tabs you know they are just the divider, then the place where you put addresses and phone numbers is on an extra sheet, which sits behind it. This is overkill-it adds a bunch unnecessary paper, particularly since most of us e-mail and don't need tons of room for addresses and such. As you can see, these ones above incorporate the pages itself and the tab/divider, much like these ones (below) that came with my Slimline Amazona. Now if THESE had coloured tabs...hello.

I REALLY like these because they don't have a big space set aside for each name where you are supposed to write addresses, phone numbers, e-mails, web addresses, etc. (who actually writes computer addresses down, anyway-don't we just add them to our contacts list/favourites?) So you can just write a name and a phone number, which is all I want to write a lot of the time...

So, the message for today is that inspiration and fun little add-ons for our Filofax darlings are everywhere, and sometimes can be got for very little money! In an upcoming post I will show how my Adelphi is looking-I've got it all personalised the way I want (with even more extras!) and I love it!


  1. Can't believe i've never come across your blog before, it's great, what a great find, i'm gonna have to start going through local shops see if I can come up withvany idden treasures lol, I love the adelphi, i've been after a magenta or Damson one, and the Amazona is gorgeous!! :) x

    1. Thanks so much for your comments! I feel like I've finally "arrived" now that I've been featured on Philofaxy. The pressure is on to add new posts! I agree about the Amazona-it's a really great option because it is very lush and elegant, but the pattern on the leather makes it really forgiving-I'm sort of tough on tihngs, which has made me a bit cautious about the Adelphi...I keep cleaning out my purse to make sure there is nothing in there that will wreck the finish!

  2. Great post. I know what you mean about the pressure thing lol...I find though that the philofaxy community has actually given me something to blog about. I love it. I subbed.

  3. The color tabs look really nice and I, also, wish Filofax would offer colored tabs. I own an A5 Cuban but would love to have an A5 Adelphi if they would make it with 30 mm rings. Great post...and yes, you have readers!

    1. I know what you mean about the A5 Adelphi. It's a little slim. Plus, I can't seem to find black any more...maybe it's for the best, because I would probably get one!

  4. Wow ure filofax looks really organised and keeps logging ure blogs are very good

  5. Does that binder find say what company makes the inserts? Just curious. Great post!