Thursday, 7 June 2012

More filofax news and pictures!

I've been toiling away with end-of-the-school-year things, and have also been attempting to post videos on youtube of my Domino and Adelphi updates, but I've been having technical issues. I'm going to post some pictures of how I'm using my personal Adelphi, and hopefully I should have a video to go along with it by the end of the week...

I made the tabs with my beloved DYMO label-maker, and my tabs are, from front to back...Diary, Info, Notes, $$$$, and Misc.

The diary is self-explanatory, you can see it below. The info section is for general things I want to remember, and the notes section is where I keep my "to do" sheets, see below. I chose to use the $ symbols because I thought it was more fun than the dour "finances" or the even more depressing "budget". Plus, it's nice and short. I figured "$" could include not only how I'm managing my money (or MISmanaging it!) but also all the things I want to buy!

My "misc" or miscellaneous section is really wide open-right now it has my food diary (I'm trying to eat healthy) but could also eventually include pictures, cutouts from magazines, possible paint colours for my bedroom, etc. I'll show more when I get more.

My Slimline Amazona came with the "week per page" diary, and I've found I really like that format for my daily Filofax. I use this one mostly for appointments and errands-just the day-to-day stuff that I want to remember, so I really like this format. It's forces me to be succinct!

When there are more general items that I want to remember that don't necessarily need to be done on a particular day, I use my "to do" pages, which I have under the "notes" tab. I like using these for just general stuff that I want to do or remember-it's very satisfying to check the little box when I've completed the task.

Right now my Misc section has my food diary, which I've been neglecting! But I would like to point out the beautiful "today" marker I got as part of the "Flavia" diary set from the Flavia Day-timer line. The calendar pages were a little too cutesy/fussy for me, but I LOVE this marker. Was it worth the $20.00 the whole set cost me....not sure...

This is my clear top-loading filofax pocket with all my stickers and post-it notes...and you can see above my favourite new post-it notes, which are clear! That means you can put them on a diary page, and still see what is underneath! It's brilliant if you have limited space!

Next is my Filofax mirror-every girl's gotta have one!

This page of post-its is from the local dollar store, and it fits perfectly! I took the advice of another blogger and took the cheap post-its off the bottom and added a "real" post it note pad to the bottom-I just glue-sticked the back and stuck it on!

This is obviously my page of Filofax stickers, another absolute necessity! I'll be back soom with more pics and updates! I just ordered TWO new Filofaxes from Pens and Leather. One is a gift I am going to personalize for my hubby...stay tuned to see what ones I got, and what I do with them!

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