Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Office cleanup unearths treaures!

On Sunday my wonderful mom came over to help me clean and organise my home office. I wish now that I had taken "before" pictures, because the difference is so amazing. It took us all day, and we ended up carting out four boxes of books for donations (don't worry, there are still PLENTY left) and five bags of garbage...ooh, that sounds bad, doesn't it? I'm so excited to have a clear desk for my various creative projects, and to have everything exactly where I can find it. Here are some pics of my newly organised space... 

The above photo is a close-up of the shelves on the right-they are built it. On the top are my "writing" books, then below are books with a creative themes and all my Filofax paraphernalia (I've never had a proper "place" for them before, and always just crammed them in here and there). Below that is a spot with more "artsy" books, sketching, inspiration, creative journaling, etc. beside them (to the left) is my trusty label-maker, pens, and other craft supplies. Below that are scrapbooks and photo-albums, extra papers, and other miscellaneous stuff.

This is a close-up of my "Filo" shelf!

Right beside my desk on the right is a really neat shelving unit from a Canadian store called "Kents", though similar ones would probably be available in most places. I have found this an attractive and useful spot for storing a lot of my creative things. The shelves are square, and you can buy cloth "boxes" with handles that slide in and out like drawers...have a look...

The messy "drawers" look nice and neat when they are pushed in. And I find the cloth "drawers" are perfect for stickers and paper things-they are soft and pliable and can be nicely crammed, and are big and boxy enough that you can just keep things in a big old pile, and paw through them pretty comfortably.

In the process of "culling" (as my mom puts it) I found a plethora of books that I have accumulated over the years-they were gifts or simply ones I bought because I thought they looked "neat", then promptly put away and forgot about. Many have beautiful pages and dividers that could be readily altered and used in my Filos! Take a look!

There is a "health" journal, a "workout log" book, one for recording your dreams, one for creative writing, one for keeping track of book clubs (which I am doing at work in the fall) and your reading habits, and one for lesson planning! Below is just a sampling of some of the neat pages I'll be able to alter to fit in my Filos!

I should also admit that just moments ago, after much deliberation, I ordered the A5 Domino in Ultra-Violet from Filofax! I'm going to be using it as a health/fitness/personal journal. I know, I know I had talked about getting the Metropol zip for work, and using my black Domino for something else, but I've made some adjustments to my black Domino, and I really love it as a professional book! The Domino is a really great binder, nice and light, and still classy looking.

Looking online, I saw a hot pink A5 Domino at Pens and Leather, and in retrospect, I wish I had gotten that one instead of my A5 Rasberry Finsbury. The Dominos are just so fun! It really would have been a better choice for my horsey Filofax-I haven't featured that here yet, but I have a youtube video on it.

Anyway, I have been wanting to get something in a fun colour for my health-themed journal, and I recently found some really pretty divider sheets with purpley, girly colours in them. The A5 Ultra-Violet was on sale, so I just went for it! I'll have posts and videos of it as it evolves!

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