Monday, 30 July 2012

Hi all! This is a quick response to a question about the colour of the Raspberry Finsbury. It can be very hard to get a feel for the exact colour of our beloved Filofaxes, and it's really frustrating for those of us who do not have Filofax retailers nearby!  I took a couple of pictures I thought might help. I would describe the colour as speckled, because of the grain of the Finsbury. It's a combination of dark and light pink, almost like irregular polka dots, or a tiny leopard print. It's not purple, but more like a pink overlaid with burgundy, or wine, which I really like, because it's not that cutesy pink, Pepto-Bismol colour of the Classic Filo.  I was trying to figure out how to do a colour comparison, and then it hit as yet unused mini-topaz in wine! I grabbed it off the shelf, and the pictures of my big and small Filos follow-hope this helps!

They are both very pretty. I'm not one for coloured Filofaxes, or colour in general-I'm usually drawn to black. But these binders are colourful, while still being subdued/classy. 

My Cross pen (seen in the previous post) is definitely a true, bright pink, if that helps! 


  1. Ooh - haven't seen a Topaz in Wine before. That is gorgeous!!!

    1. I know! Isn't it cute! I really wanted a mini, but I'm not much of a "colour" gal. This lovely little Topaz was on sale at "Pens and Leather", and I just had to have it! I think of wines and burgandies as a more sophisticated version of pink. I'm not using it right now, but I'm sure I will at some point. Until then it's nestled in the tissue in its box...the leather is really nice, quite stiff and I think it will be very resilient. I find the leathers with patterns, or "grains" are always pretty tough-they don't show a lot of wear, which is good for people like me- I drag my Filos everywhere and stuff them in bags with make-up, snacks, and melted cough drops!

  2. Very helpful post thank you :)