Saturday, 7 July 2012

Big City Haul!

I'm just back from an overnight trip to the big city, and wanted to show some of the great things I picked up. Here's a picture of everything, all spread out and ready to be used in my Filos!

I purchased these lovely items in two locations:

"Winners"-a store that sells brand-name products at a reduced price, much like T.J. Max or Marshalls for the US readers.

"Michaels"-a craft/art store that sells everything a creative, artsy, paper-and-pen lover could ever want!

In the city I visited, Winners and Micheal's are side-by-side, in the same complex! Bad for the old bank-account, but good for...everything else!

You can see from the pictures that I got horsey stickers, cards, and regular cute stickers, but at Micheal's I found a display that seriously BLEW MY MIND. I honestly don't know how I got out of there without buying everything on the rack. I wish I could have had a camera, so I could have snuck a shot of the whole thing. 

Okay, I'll stop speaking in riddles. There is a new line of paper/scrapbooking products called "Smash". Though they have their own books to go along with the accessories, I didn't have much interest in the books-they are sort of like ready-made scrapbook/ art books with things already written on the pages...although, maybe the pages could be taken out and used in our trusty A5's...I'll have to check on that.

 Anyway, I was in a bit of a rush, so I grabbed as many lovely things as I could afford, and ran to the counter with them. I swear they were made for folks like us, who are obsessed with decorating our Filos any way we can! The company that makes them is called K&Company.
Here are some pics...

These are some funky pockets that you attach to an already existing piece of paper, I assume with a glue-stick. They are a heavy paper, and have little sayings on them. Below is a picture of the back of the packaging they came with, and images of "suggested uses" for them. I'll show this with all the items, so you can see how they are used...

In the image on the right, the striped paper is the background paper, and the blue pocket is attached on top. The pocket has a front and back.

This company also has some beautiful tab dividers...look out, Martha Stewart!

Sorry the bottom image is a little bit blurry, but all it shows is how the tabs work-you fold them over the page, then label them...aren't they cute! The line in the middle of each shows where you would fold them.

These are little pockets, that again are meant to be attached to a piece of paper to save things-but I think I might hole punch them and put them right in my Filofax...there are six in the package...

There are also adorable little post-its type papers which could also be used as tabs...

These are just for adding quick notes like any other stickies. The reason I included the back of the package is to show the image on the bottom-this "Smash" line has tapes that are VERY similar to our beloved Washi tapes! That polka-dotted strip in the picture is the tape. I restrained myself because I already have a bunch of Washi tape I haven't used yet.  But there is a ton of cute stuff...there are also really cute clips to use as page markers or to hold things on pages, and you KNOW how much I love pretty clips! BUT, only moments before I had bought these... Winners. They were only $3.99 (!!!) for all three sets! It was an awesome day for shopping! I admit I had been neglecting my Filos lately, but now I am inspired, and will post pics soon of how I am using all my cool new stuff!


  1. nice haul...just outta curiosity what city were you in? My Winners and Michaels are in the same plaza...I live in Barrie.

    1. Hi there! My plaza is in Fredericton, NB. Not REALLY the "big city", I admit...I used to live in Ontario-in St. Catharines.